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Welcome To Gulf Shield Clan .

للراغبين بالإنضمام للكلان الرجاء مراسلة الليدرز أو الفاوندر .


This is a private Clan (Membership by invite only) .

Remember ! .. for all [GS] Clan Our Simple Terms is :

1- stick with us by team speak whenever u log in ( battle log )
Our Server in TeamSpeak 3:


2- Remember whenever YOU are in this Clan YOU should play as Real squad as Real team-mate like helping each other with Reviving and Shooting and covering .. sticking together always .. watching around .. playing by team speak .. and don't ever ignore the others .

3- Change the Clan Tag in battlelog to --> [GS]

4- You have to be over 18+ to join the clan and your (k/d) more than (1) .plus your kill's more that your death .

In addition :

Our Server in battle log:

Our Channel in Youtube:

Thanks for visiting our page, feel free and Relax by joining this Group .

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