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Plaque: [BDGT] Web: Site officiel Fans: 30 Créé: 26-05-2013

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This platoon is made for the BindyGeeks Recruitments. NO GLORY HUNTERS and MULTI-CLANNING are allowed in this team!

3 Things you must DO/HAVE!
1. We always keep the platoon fresh. So be ACTIVE on TeamSpeak (Functional Mic , please)!
2. Use BDGT Tag.
3. Positive KD ratio (>1)

Plus/Extra Points for applicants (will be joining faster):
1. Cooperative and Competitive (+fucntional microphone)
2. Loyal
3. KD ratio >1.6 , SPM 600.
4. Be Active
5. Fan our official platoon (optional)

TeamSpeak 3 address:

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