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*He is in ELPI again*

Cut4Rasyx - best pilot EU

http://imgur.com/lrh1FAO <-- And yes, it actually happened.

#Kicked out of ELPI for having too much swag

pls cut for RASYX.... maybe ppl. from ELPI realise that they just kicked out the guy with most swag and now have lost all respect from bf community.

support this by [cut4] clan tag and spread the -YX- love <3

We/anyone on earth, wants him back in that platoon. He is a legend and simply the best! A better pilot dosnt exist.

We all got tears in out eyes 20/6/2013 when the godly pilot got kicked out of ELPI just because of being AFK for about 2 weeks. Why?
It is simply like showing no respect.

So in the end we need him back in the legendary platoon, because it is just another random platoon without RASYX. But with him in it it is complete. Just like a Super Saiyan...


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