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|NOTICE - This platoon is for our Elite Members only. - NOTICE|

Players Dungeon Gaming Community is a multi-national multi-gaming community which provides game server(s), VOIP server(s) and a website for the players to use for having fun and communicate. PDGC has several years of experience within administrating prior to its foundation in August 2014.

Have you ever experienced admin abuse? Have you ever wanted to change something on a server but the admins would not listen? Have you ever been kicked or banned for having lots of scores or kills? You are on the right place. We are here to provide fair and balanced services, listen to your constructive opinions, ideas and/or complaints.

You being part of our community by becoming a member or an admin, you will be part of our family. You will also receive special rights and event announcements that the public may not receive.

These are the qualities that were on our minds when PDGC was founded.

If you wish to become part of PDGC by becoming an Elite Member, then please take a look at how to become one:
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