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Wer'e a dedicated platoon of friends that play the battlefield series of games almost all the time.

This platoon will have a primary focus on BF3/4 ( although not exclusively).

We (i242) have now grown into a size where I think we’ll need to start to play more focused in order to understand our member’s/friends different pros/cons in battle in order to develop/learn strategies etc. w.r.t. our different properties/behaviors.

Therefore, from now on the i242-recruitment [u][b]is close[/b]d[/u] until further notice from me ^^ Keep on the WAR and keep it INTENSIVE!!!

In order to become accepted as a i242 member you are a person who like to play battlefield (a lot) , you are 18+, and you pass our introduction programme - which means u have to play BF toghether with us in order to be evaluated for acceptance. You need basic knowledge in English ^^

Once accepted: TAGs = i242 (at all times)

If so, we hope you will strongly engage in supporting the i242 team spirit in clan-wars, at different arbitrary servers and behave properly in TS as well as towards enemies, other team-mates etc :D

Cheaters are not welcome what so ever (we will check your background, and kick your ass)

i242 = international platoon, ppl from all nations are welcome to apply. 'i' = international, '242' is from my (i.e. Byter_Swe) old fav. band named 'Front 242'.

Wan't to contact an i242 admin/clan leader? Search for Byter_Swe

TS3: voice.battlefieldindia.com
Website : i242clan.com

Check out: http://www.esl.eu/ i242 will soon be joining this league so poor you guys that have to challange us (;

>>Death comes soon to the passive ones, such as recons !!<<

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