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Our team formed in the end of 2012. We are specialised in Battlefield Infantry game mode, that we want to continue in the next series of the game. Our philosophy is to select gamers not by their pure skill, but their ability to play in a team and cooperate with teammates. By practicing together we become better players individually too. We get stronger every day and we hope that not only us, but our enemies can sense this as well. We do not retreat from stronger enemies even if our chances to win are low. Our aim is to be well known among e-sporters, and participation both online cups, and LAN events, with the best possible results. Our enthusiasm is unbroken and it will remain that way!

Battlefield 3 5v5 Last Capture HUN Cup: 3
Battlefield 3 Infantry 5on5 ESL Night Cup #18: 8
Battlefield 3 Infantry 3on3 ESL Close Quarters Cup #3: 5
Battlefield 34PL BF3 Rookie League Season #3: 2

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