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Because the current state of BF4 does not allow for easy setup and organization of competitive matches we are trying to get a small community of T5 teams to help quell the need for competitive on BF3.

The word in the pipeline is around Q1 2014 until private servers will be available for BF4 so we hope to keep this running until then!

This will also be a list used to grab ringers if a team is short players, so if you don't have a team feel free to join anyways!

Feel free to post your team on the feed. PuG's will also be posted so show your interest.

List of teams and who to contact:

- Aequitas Veritas:

-Team Rain:

- HavoC: Anyone on the team:

-Phalanx Esports:
Contacts Jett , BlacKIXI or RyutheILL

- Limitless eSports:

- One Nation:

Password for Pick-up Game (PuG) servers: 111111

Dead since: [27/03/14]

Feed section

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