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To become Admin on the MSG Fans TDM server, you have to match the following requirements:

- Playtime : over 700 Hours
- Recon Service Stars should be lower than all other Service Stars
- Speaking and writing skills in English
- Fair player and fair winner/loser
- Loyal to server

Remember: We're always there, We always care!
Ears officers!
As we discussed it the other day, here are the guidlines to deal with spam.

1. What is spam?
Spam is related to explosive projectiles and grenades which are thrown or shot in quick succession into the same area while the player is camping and refilling its explosives.

1.1. What is tactical spam?

Tactical spam occurs when a group or an individual player uses his grenades or explosives in quick succession to clean an area before storming it. Also its tactical spam to barrage occupied buildings with explovies in order to weaken its defense before attack.

2. Why should spam be punished?

Although spam does not effect the gameplay in most cases, there are certain situations when spammer stall the game, denying the pushing faction of chokepoints. This may result in more spam and the game becomes a pointless nadefest or m320 party.

3. When to deal with spam and how.

Our discussion showed probably one severe case of spam which leads to a static round with frustrating gameplay.
The cascadic stairs left of the fountain on central place which lead to the small alley, covered by the white van next to the dead end containers, is the most important route to open the map when it becomes static.

It is forbidden from each side to throw more then 4 grenades into that alley without storming it!

Also its not allowed to keep it under constant rpg and m320 fire from the central building (hotel).

Admins are committed to enforce this rule very strictly. They have to switch teanm to check for the spammer and punish him adequately.

Punishes are graded as follows: 1. Adminkill (warning); 2. Kick 3. tBan 1w

4. When is spam tolerated?

There is one situation where we can tolerate spam:
The exit from yards towards the river (tunnels) is a tight chokepoint where a massive push can open the map, as the defenders of riverbank are easy to overwhelm if attackes are organized and have courage to rush.

In this case the defenders from riverside are allowed to deny the tunnels with massive grenade spam to avoid the breakthrough. On the other hand the attackers from yards are able to utilize mortar to soften the defenses of riverside and push out.

This topic is open to discussion in the adminchat. Please do not punish for other then this spam and enforce this rule with high priority.

Thank you for your attention!

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