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BetterVanilla 1.7 & NightMod 1.3 (only for Grand Bazaar)
(Status: Online)


BetterVanilla 1.6
(Status: Online)

NightMod 1.2 (only for Grand Bazaar)
(Status: Online)

The server is no longer available. If you want to play the mod, check the FAQ for the server requirements.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

On which servers can the mod be played (NEW VERSION)?
- You can play the mod on all servers which contain(s) the tag(s) "BFlag", "B Flag", "B-Flag", "BF3 Mods", "Cinematic" or "Mods by 1nt1c4t10n" in their name. The new version can also be played on PB servers but with YOUR OWN RISK! I don't take responsibility for any banned account!

On which servers can the mod be played (OLD VERSIONS)?
- You can play with the mod on all servers which have PB disabled and contain "Mods by 1nt1c4t10n", "BF3 Mods" or "Cinematic" in their server name.

Do I need a license (again)?
- No, the old license system has been removed and it's playable for everyone now.

It's not working for me!
- Close all running applications (you don't have to close "TeamSpeak", "Skype", "Discord" etc.) and try it again.
- If you still have trouble to get it working, add me [] and I will try to help you.

It's a virus!!
- No, it's not (even if your antivirus says so).
- If you have the knowledge to analyse the file or know someone who can analyse the file for you, you will see that's not reading/stealing/modifying any of your private data. You don't trust me? Don't play with it.
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