Wolves (PS4)
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Wolves is founded by a laid back Texan just looking for casual players who enjoy to play the game right. This is a group of men (or women) who have normal everyday jobs and just want to group with people of similar interest be it just BF4 or geographic location.

This group has been around for awhile, but over time the group has slowly disbanded.

I am the leader of the group and looking to make a serious, but casual squad. With how hard it is to group up in BF4 it's almost impossible to have a huge group.

With that said if you are interested in joining go ahead and apply and add me on PS4. If you are playing on PS3 I am sorry to say you will not see me on there, but you are welcome to sport the tags and run with anyone else who may still use the PS3.

I look forward to meeting some great people and running the battlefield!

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