OTD: Older Than Dirt
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The Older Than Dirt Clan [OTD] is a group of mature (30+ years old) PS3 gamers that share a
common desire. We enjoy an online gaming experience with a shared respect amongst
ourselves and other fellow gamers. We are simply a group of people that want to escape the
less than mature crowd out there with their overly foul mouths and adolescent behavior. We do not
impose major rules in this clan. We are a clan run by its members with some individuals
helping bring the clan's visions to life.


1) Must be at least 30 years old
2) Must have a headset
3) Must NOT take yourself too seriously. We play games to have fun, right?

Our roster is filled to the point where we are near capacity. Best way to join OTD is to have a mic and get in some games. The best time to find us on our servers is WED Nights!

forum: http://otdclan.proboards.com/


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