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- Enjoy Tactics? Teamwork? Generally, that is all what this game based on. A place you can call home,

and a family of fellow gamers that share the same interests and goals as you? Welcome to ¤ iDIVISION ¤, a new

established community. We are a group of casual and competitive gamers.

- Our platoon do not sort members by ranks like some clans do, everyone is equal.

- Feel free to come up with your own ideas and suggestions in order to make our platoon even more interesting

and unique.

(- Five Basic Principles Of Our Platoon- )

#1. Mature 18+ Community --- (We enjoy adult humor, topics, and lots of beer. So by mature,

we don't mean we act like a bunch of stuck up guppies. We take care of our own!)

#2. Casual & Competitive --- (We have a competitive team, but welcome casual players alike,

we do not discriminate skill. It's all about Attitude)

#3. Teamwork & Tactic s --- (We work with a chain of command, and employ organized tactics on the battlefield)

#4. Communication --- (We are working on establishing our own teamspeak-server,

and website to keep up with the latest in our community)

#5. Camaraderie --- (Most importantly, we want everyone to feel like they belong. And we do a damn good job at it)


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