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Welcome to ENTSquad. If you're here, you probably frequent Reddit, but more specifically, you likely frequent its best community sub-reddit: r/trees.

Well, turns out, there's actually a large contingent on there that enjoys the occasional BF3 throwndown. That's us & ENTCLAN.

Quick background: Two different guys from r/trees and r/entgaming had these clans ready to go before the game came even came out. Thus, myself (nugwump) & 'vonpixel' formed ENTSquad, while 'dicknards' & 'bdog_sd' formed ENTCLAN.

Whether you're with us or ENTCLAN, we are all ENTS - and when you get as baked as we do, it's nice to have fellow ENTS running over to you with the paddles. We do our best to back each other up. If you see someone join your game with the clan tag " [ENT] ", throw down on the rotation with 'em.

COORDINATION IS KEY, and though sometimes we're too blazed, we *do* talk out some strategy on the fly, which can give us a pretty big advantage and make some of the games a hell of a lot more fun.

Hopefully, you have a working headset - if you don't, try and grab one - but if you do, we're in Mumble.

Mumble Server:
entclan.dyndns.org (default port, no password.)

Also, ADD EACH OTHER ON THE COM CENTER!: Your friends list should be HUGE if you roll with us. If it's not, pull up the platoon pages for either ENTSquad or ENTCLAN and add anyone on there; they'll likely add you as a friend (myself included). Remember, the in-game identifier for us is ' [ENT] ' , so make sure you edit that into your Battlelog profile.


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