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EQ Gaming is a European gaming clan with a close-net community who all love to game. EQ stands for 'equality' and that's the very nature of our clan. Giving all our members equal rights and ability to voice their own opinions.

At this point in time, we are a casual gaming clan and don't really do competitive gaming. We are more focused on building a strong community of friends. However, we never rule anything out so if in future our members express the want for such a thing. We would definitely look into it.
The majority of our clan loves FPS games and nearly all our members actively if not occasionally play Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
As a multi-gaming clan though, we do play a large variety of games and we employ all of our members to find new games for us all to play together.

We have a 25man TS server setup and our YouTube channel is under construction which everyone is more than welcome to post on. Asides from requiring a working microphone, the ability to speak English and being of a mature age, preferably 17+, we welcome anyone who likes to play with us or hang around with our clan.

If you are interested in joining, please message any one of our administrators/moderators:

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