Zorro Ninja Clan
タグ: [ZNC] ウェブ: 公式ウェブサイト ファン: 8 作成済み: 2012-11-08


Clan for experienced Battlefield players who like to have FUN on the battlefield.

Communication and teamwork are our foundations but individual ninja skills are appreciated as well!

Our server:

Wanna join? Apply and contact a leader.
You can find us on our teamspeak server: ninjaspeak.no-ip.org
Check out our blog for all the latest updates!

Clan guide:

1. Use ZNC as clan tag.
2. Be open to other players their playing style and work together as a team.
3. Play in squads & Choose different squad specializations!
4. Ok to bitch but no personal attacks (except with your razorblade). Rage quit OK but not preferred.
5. Racism = instant kick. Respect any and all players, keep it smooth and smart.
6. Promotion to leader: When u ask for it and if u get acknowledgement and respect from the other leaders.
7. Demotion or kick: Only founder can kick/demote and only if all leaders come to a consensus.
8. Leaders Role:
- Leading a squad
- Pushing the game towards a team win
- Invite other people into the clan
- Ad-mining server.
9. Cheating: Zero-tolerance for cheating/hacking. Anyone caught cheating will be kicked from platoon and reported as cheater. Why play a game if you’re just gonna let some stupid piece of software do the work. Be a Bawss and show your true skills.
10. Outsiders who want war with our platoon (or have a problem with a member), talk to a leader.
11. Posses the ability to communicate in ENGLISH.
12. Hide in the smoke!