Diamond Dust Rebellion
タグ: [DDR] ファン: 22 作成済み: 2013-07-14


Hello there (^.^)^

This clan has been founded by the friends Sideways, Alaster, dataRomance-, SteadyDeathblow- & VanHalen.

PS: SteadyDeathblow is the ultimate noob destroyer ;D

Personal note* Alaster, Sideways, dataRomance-, SteadyDeathblow- I love you guys with whole my heart.

Thanks everyone for being my friend and willing to play with me/ learn more about me. I really appreciate it. You're always in my thoughts <3

It was created by friends, for friends. No restrictions, no nonsense 'cause in the end we just want to have fun. We're always open to meet new and nice people :DD So check us out!

We play scrims & matches as well.

If you have any questions or to arrange matches you can always contact oOVanHalenOo or Ibanez.

Thanks for visiting us and have a good one ;D

Played 37 Scrims: 2v2/5v5/8v8 --> Undefeated.