Designated Marksman
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** this clan will be used by sharpshooter, sniper, DM, and others that prove to be soldiers esperientes. **

The designated marksman (DM) is a military marksman role in a U.S. infantry squad. The term sniper was used in Soviet doctrine although the soldiers using the Dragunov were the first to use a specifically designed designated marksmans rifle. Sniper is also used in Russian-doctrine. The analogous role in the Israeli army is sharpshooter.

The DM's role is to supply rapid accurate fire on enemy targets at ranges up to 1,000 metres (1,090 yd) with a rifle capable of semi-automatic-fire called a designated marksman rifle equipped with a telescopic sight. Like snipers, DMs are trained in quick and precise shooting, but unlike the more specialized "true" sniper, they are also intended to lay down accurate rapid fire.