Stealthy Wolf Squad
タグ: [SWS] ファン: 7 作成済み: 2013-05-15


We Are A Looking For A Group Of People Who Enjoy Playing The Game For What It Is. We'll Goof Around Quite A Bit, But We'll Do So While Stil Playing The Objective.
If You Wish To Apply For The Platoon Go Right On Ahead, But You Must Add At Least One Of The Leaders Saying You Wish To Apply For The Platoon.

When You Join The Platoon You Will Be Required To Add All The Leaders On Battlelog And PSN. As Well As Add As Many Platoon Members As Possible.


Platoon Rules:
1) All Member Shall Wear The Platoon Tags
2) Members Must Promote The Platoon
3) Respect All Platoon Members
4) Listen To Your Leaders (They're The For A Reason)
5) Must Be A Mature Player (No Annoying/Whining Little Kids)
6) Must Play The Objective
7) Must Have Fun
8) Must Have A Mic (Though It May Be Discussed With A Leader If You Do Not Currently Have One)


Platoon Tags:

Probation: SWSp

Members: SWS

Leaders: SWSL

Founders: SWSF

All New Members Will Be Put Through A Probationary Period In Which They Will Be Evaluated By The Leaders And Members Of The Platoon.

Probationary Periods Are Anywhere From Two Week To A Month Long. The Minimum Is Two Weeks. If Your Probationary Period Ends And You Are Not Accepted Into The Platoon, You Will Be Required To Remove The Platoon's Tags.


If You Have A Game Recorder Contact (Jackyl_- or OddizNOR) And You Will Be Apart Of Our Media Division.

Hope To See You All On The Battlefield