FLY or DIE pre DF Cup
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"Fly With Confidence & Learn From Your Mistakes"

tourney bracket:



**********TOURNEY ROSTER**********

-------1. Vikhyat_suri [W]

-------2. chasingsecrets [W]

-------3. trenchwolfusmc[W]

-------4. youlikemydogtag[LB]

-------5. victorianity[LB]

-------6. dash4783[W]

-------7. DestroyerRr10[W]

-------8. KING-MUNSTER[LB]

-------9. BENALD1[W]

-------10. RONTIL9699[LB]

-------11. Yama27Haax[W]

-------12. Elgrims[W]

-------13. MARTYRISM_831[W]


-------15. S-T-A-T-E-S[LB]

-------16. Rap_Limit[LB]

-------17. Sunny_______yo [7x _][W]

-------18. Yusufbekir[W]

-------19. O_oSkyKilleRo_O[LB]

-------20. kowalski690[W]

-------21. Elseem[LB]

-------22. al3tyby511[W]

-------23. Destoniic[W]

-------24. K_VILLE1[LB]

-------25. CoolGangster7[W]

-------26. lilwish2498[LB]

-------27. xRudyCrush[W]

-------28. djoulz30[LB]

-------29. I-_-play-_-games (YouUgly-)[LB]

-------30. DoWN_FoRcE_11Gs[LB]

-------31. RF_Sukhoi[LB]

-------32. x-_SkYsCrEm-_x[LB] (blackattack124 2nd user)

FLY or DIE Pre Dogfight Cup
Not many Dogfight tournaments came to a finish on a PS3 console.. This time, we want to make it happen!
Why "Pre DF Cup"? - First, we'd like to do a little "warm-up" tournament, just to see if its working all together.

Tournament leaders:
➽ DF_Real-GamerR

3rd persons:
➽ DF_Real-GamerR
➽ Chasingsecrets
-> DestroyerRr10
-> Glatiz

Of course, there can't be a tournament without rules. We created strict rules.

➽ Treat your opponent with respect
➽ We do not allow trashtalk
➽ If you're opponent doesn't show up 10 minutes after the agreed time you will get a win. Don't write that it's a win, but write that you're opponent didn't show up.
➽ Respond to the messages u get! Inactivity will result in being disqualified!
➽ Please dont lie about the results, its not about winning or losing! Who's lying about results will be disqualified!

➽ The first participant that gets four points wins. You should have 2 points difference. (4-2 / 5-3 / 6-4).
➽ Loadout: Air radar - ECM Jammer
➽ Start headon, shoot = ready! If you're opponent didn't shoot before the headon start, start over!
➽ The participant with the best chance of winning has to be on the RU side to save time.
➽ F/A-18E Super Hornet VS F/A-18E Super Hornet
➽ If your opponent crashes in the dogfight (After the first headon start) you will get 1 point.
➽ If you ram each other (disabled/dead) you start over. If you ram someone and he's not disabled, the dogfight will be continued.
➽ You'll get the point if your opponent is dead. If your opponent is disabled and you crash, your opponent will get the point.
➽ Every move is allowed! Dylans/scissors/honey trap etc. Respect it!
➽ If you or your opponent got stuck in a tree or stall, the dogfight will be continued!
➽ If your opponent bailed out of his aircraft, you'll get the point.
➽ The time limit is 30 minutes, if the timer runs out and you're still in the dogfight, finish the dogfight. The person who has the most points wins. If it's a tie, there will be a "sudden death" the person who wins in sudden death, wins the match.
➽ Always FINISH your dogfight even if the timer has ran out!
➽ There have to be a 3rd person in the server! (the names are above on the platoon page)

➽ Only EU and East US servers allowed!
➽ Map: Caspian Border
➽ Server settings:
- Tickets: At least 200 (tower has to be up)
- Friendly fire OFF
- Team Balance OFF
- Players to start: 4 (We want to start the server up if we can)
- Player health 100
- Bullet damage 100

➽ Add each other when u have to dogfight. (Roster is coming up)
➽ If somebody is not accepting you, contact the tourney leaders.
➽ Arrange a date and time with your opponent, you HAVE to post the date and time when you're going to DF on the platoon wall. Your opponent must confirm it!! If you're both not able to arrange a date and time, contact the tournament leaders.
➽ When the DF is over. Again, u have to post the result on the platoon wall, your opponent must confirm it.

We'd like to record ALL dogfights from the tower of caspian! (like FLABSLAB)
People that can record:
➽ Chasingsecrets
➽ DF_Real-GamerR

Server that we can play on:
EU Servers:
➽ [FR] Dogfight - FLY or DIE Pre DF Cup ~ Owner: Elgrims
➽ FLY or DIE Pre DF Cup by Destoniic ~ Owner: Destoniic

East US Servers:
➽Fly or Die - Pre Dogfight Cup ~ Owner: xRudyCrush

Thank you that we may use your servers!

FLY or DIE!!!

Credits to:
~ Tourney leaders: MARTYRISM_831 and DF_Real-GamerR
~ Servers: Elgrims, xRudyCrush and Destoniic
~ Recordings: Chasingsecrets and DF_Real-GamerR
~ All participants