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Swedish and Lebanese adult douche bags pplaying bf3 for the lols and kills (obviously).
Requirements: Youre stupid if u didnt figure them out.
Rules :
1- Dont bitch like Romel
2-Dont steal Davids revives
3-No pussying out of a troll action
4-Act like an adult
5-No Jews
6-Only Lebanese players can suicide
7-Tbaging is necessary after a good kill
8-Dont suck harder than Casper .
9-No knifing as medic.Paddy cake only
10-When Romel dies keep reviving him
11-Casper doesnt suk too hard but rule 8 still applies.
12-Know the art of tbaging or splashbaging
13-If u defy any of the rules u are forced to use a SOFLAM for a full game of 64 man metro conquest.
14-Vehicles are reserved for me above all else
15-Racism wont be tolerated unless u call the Lebanese terrorists or make fun of the suicide rate of swedes.Besides those, NO RACISM!!
With all that aside we welcome all that fit the requirements.