We are updating our servers

- Fix for crashes usually occurring during level switches. Server providers may see a little bit of memory leakage instead in this situation

- Game servers should no longer quit in some situations where the online backend servers are down. Server will reconnect to the backend once it's up again

- Fix for ghost servers which didn't accept connections

- Kick reasons should better match situations where they are issued. This will help battlelog provide more accurate information to the player

- Connection fixes to avoid players sometimes being rejected while joining the game server on one of the last slots

- Security updates

- Improved server logging

Comments (3390)

- Connection fixes to avoid players sometimes being rejected while joining the game server on one of the last slots Awesome
it would be nice if the game actually loaded
Thanks for the hard work guys.
YAAAA! Thank you!!!
Yay, I was getting problems staying in a server a couple hours ago
Pure Awesomeness.
You guys are great.
Good news!
Well done, you guys should enjoy your Sunday though, or whats left of it! Believe it or not, some of us actually appreciate your work ;) greets
Sounds good! But will this update fix the problem people having with the game freezes and crashes? "Battlefield 3 stoped working"
Thank you Dice P.S. sorry for the bad comments
update the client please, thanks
hhmm when is this going to happen guys?
Keep Up the good work!! Step by Step you make my day :D
Too bad i still cant connect to the server to start anything anyways....
For what it's worth, you did a good job in terms of the game itself. Issues will be resolved sooner or later.
awesome, love updates and patches. A lot better since the beta but work is always needed. Could you work on Tehran Highway? Every single server I've been on suffers massive lag with that map and that map only.
Great news.. hopfully it works better!,
what about a bf3.exe dekstop quit fix?
Awesome then i can sleep good tonight
Hope this makes the game run smoother :)
Awesome news. Launch has exceeded my expectations =-) Please add VIP slots as soon as you can.
keep it up and why do i not get points for leaving a server before a game is over some time shit comes up u know????
Good times, no more being denied on 23/24 servers
Great! When will this update be apply to the servers?
nice game and nice work with origin, now you have scan all my data also my online banking software, enjoy it ....

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