The 10 most popular platoons!

1. DICE - 3758 Fans

2. Reddit - 928

3. Shibby´s club of own - 741

4. Don´t revive me bro - 677

5. Easy Company - 542

6. Reddit - 498

7. Battlefieldo - 476

8. BF3Blog - 449

9. Battlefield 3-CZ - 436

10. - 412

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whatever xD
se algum brasileiro está procurando por algum platoon entrem no meu o/!!
less socailizing = more fixing the game
they just need to fix the crash and add more destruction
[4AL1] Forever Alone Before I tell the requirements for this platoon, I want to explain the reasoning for creating it. I've been playing this game ever since its launch. I haven't made any friends or even spoken to anyone ingame or out and I loved every minute of it! This was because of the great dislike of everyone in existence. Now the game is 4 days old and I'm starting to see a difference in how much people want to talk or act social. It has become discouraging for me to join new games and having to worry about what kind of team I'll be joining. This is the reason I have taken my time into making this platoon. You can check/apply us out here
Shibbeh! :P
Add me on Facebook and pan my Facebook is angel carranza with a killzone 3 character n my pan is desertstorm21_
Red Soldier Syndicate wants you!
Adolf hitler had more fans, why isnt it here?
my is PL platoon from future very nice
what about to fix how to launch your game ????
Please increase the size of platoons. 21CW Tournament has more than 100 members!
i can join or become fan of every f**** platoon but not play the game.... Thats BS...
who cares about the fukin platoons.. When are you fixing the game so i can play with OC and HT..
Oh my gawd Shibbeh! Wtg!
Go Battlefieldo :D
That's great for a social network/network but for gaming i thought the platoon section was for organising platoons. Anyway people are welcome to join the XBOX 360 'Dusk Monkeys' (my humble group of 12) provided you're from the UK and over 18, for more info visit our page:
you are right
Where is our client and server updates instead of platoons? ^^
i dont know
platoon para brasileiros =)

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