Battlelog Update #2

ogabrielson 10 years ago
The update that took place this morning contained over 100 fixes(!). This number is of course impressive but what’s more exciting is that a vast majority of these new features are based on your feedback on our Get Satisfaction forum. Thanks to you being so active there we can pinpoint what requests are in demand even faster. Next to each change in the list there’s a link to the corresponding feedback thread.

We monitor the Get Satisfaction forums on a daily basis and try to get a picture of what you guys want implemented or fixed. Worth mentioning is that community moderators, support and DICE developers are participating. So if you have feedback or just want to vote for ideas (use the star icon), use the yellow tab on the left side of the page. Thanks for taking the time submitting feedback. As always, we are listening!

Change list

More Server Browser filters
Even more filters have been added to the browser. How about filtering on game size, map rotation and password protection? Free slot searching has also been improved with added options. Requested by Power2ouse among others in this thread.
“Remember me” feature for sign in
When logging in you now have the option to remember your credentials. This allows you to sign right in next time you visit Battlelog, even if you close your browser. Requested by dannyboi among others Get Satisfaction.
Fixed server pinging problems in Internet Explorer 8/9 under “Protected mode”
Due to browser settings in Internet Explorer, server pings did not appear in the Server Browser and has now been fixed. This only affected Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox work as intended. Requested by FixWithFirepower among others. More info in these 2 threads on Get Satisfaction.
Play button next to server name for faster joining
When hovering a server in the Server Browser list, a play button will appear to the left. Clicking it will get you right into the action, even faster than before. Requested by dibley1973 among others in this thread.
Punkbuster check before game launch
Prior to launching the game, Battlelog will now check if Punkbuster has been correctly installed. This should fix the “Kicked by administrator” message some of you got after playing a few minutes. Get Satisfaction.
Refresh buttons for “Favourites” and “History” lists in Server Browser
The listing of your previous or favourite servers now features a refresh button in the top left. This will make refreshing your list of servers much easier! Requested by Rave-UK among others in this thread.
Server Browser now remembers sort order
Searching for servers now automatically remembers your sorting order in the server browser. Requested by NyanPrime among others in this thread.
Reminder about Battlelog's URL when signing in from Origin
Visiting Battlelog from Origin is a handy way of getting started as it will sign you right in. But you can also visit Battlelog from any computer and sign in like you would on any other page. Bookmarking your favorite pages can be very helpful!

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