Nations Cup XV: Team Denmark!

zh1nt0 10 years ago
The lineup will consist of thefollowing people:

Team Captain

Lund (VIP-Gaming)
Team Captain CO's
Boserage (VIP-Gaming)
PsycX0r (VIP-Gaming)


Nicz (VIP-Gaming)
Takers (Muttley)
Mr.Yes (Ireplica)

Jet pilots

Sneaks aka JalalZandi (VIP-Gaming)
PsycX0r (VIP-Gaming)
Superliga (VIP-Gaming)

Chopper pilots/gunners

Hustler (VIP-Gaming)
Resolt (VIP-Gaming)
takers (Muttley)
TR41N3D (Muttley)


Boserup (VIP-Gaming)
Lund (VIP-Gaming)
Balloc (VIP-Gaming)
Whapzor (VIP-Gaming)
Zerostyle (VIP-Gaming)
f0CUc (GP)
Giraph (GP)
RulleUlf (GP)
Chokie (proxy)
Gymboy (proxy)
Menix (VIP-Gaming)
Kewzon (VIP-Gaming)
Gimp (S4L)
Mysse (VIP-Gaming)

This definitely looks like a solid lineup and from is being written further down in the article, the boys are also counting on that they will land somewhere in the top 4.

Good luck Denmark!

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