Nations Cup XV: Team Norway!

zh1nt0 10 years ago
For us who´ve been around a long time in the BF scene, we know Dande from Tronderbataljonen and also know that he is one hell of a player. Partnered up with some of the most skilled players Norway has to offer, my gut feeling is that they will battle their way through to the Semi Finals.

Team Captain:

Dande (Tronderbataljonen)


Phantom (BX3)
Zeddius (Tronderbataljonen)
Sterny (Tronderbataljonen)


Losi-D (BX3)
Scenest (BX3)
Kurt_Knut (Tronderbataljonen)


ScAVenGer (BX3)
MortalC (Immediate Reaction Forces)
Dande (Tronderbataljonen)


Nex (Immediate Reaction Forces)
Pluss (Immediate Reaction Forces)
Aztr1x (Genuin Gaming)
ReWrite (Genuin Gaming)
Reactions (Genuin Gaming)
LightYearsAhead (Tronderbataljonen)
Cobra (Tronderbataljonen)
sHarKiz (Tronderbataljonen)
Osk (Epsilon)
Woo (Epsilon)
emineNt (BX3)
CampyCamper (BX3)
Cution (VIP-Gaming)
Dax (te4m)

The tricky part

The tricky part about all of this is however that the Norwegian boys have to stand their ground against Battlefield powerhouses such as Germany, Netherlands and Spain. Only three teams will progress.

To fan the platoon, you can go here:

Team Norway []

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