Nations Cup XV: Team Sweden!

zh1nt0 10 years ago
Pronounced , Sweden is home to DICE, innovative street fashion and an extremely vibrant electro music scene *cough* Niki and the Dove, The Knife, Fritjof and Pikanen.. It is also home to drunk moose who get stuck in our trees after what could´ve been, an awesome night out. Drunken Moose []
It´s also home to weird lifestyle trends that come and go faster than the flu in November.
An out of the ordinary trend that hasn´t disappeared though is Sweden´s strong E-sport tradition. It Could be because we have some of the best internet infrastructures in the world and that the IT Industry evolved very early on in Sweden, propelling this little country in the north to the top charts in IT innovations and Computer Science.

Now that we have all of that covered, Sweden has a very proud Battlefield tradition. It´s not unlike Team Sweden to make it to the final stages of the tournament. Last time Sweden managed to clinch the first place was back in 2006 with the probably best Battelfield Line-up ever seen in a Nations Cup. Team Sweden 2006. []

That was 6 years ago. This year, this team has a lot to prove and that is why Team Leader M4u3n has picked a solid team with some world class players.
Only question is, will they be able to represent Sweden as good as the 2006-team did back in the days? Or will they see themselves kicked out by old rivals Germany? Will Norway finally get their revenge on Sweden after Sweden allegedly adopted a wolf that sought political asylum in Sweden? Link to the Swedish news post []

My bet is on alternative 1.

Bring it home. Drinks are on me.

Team Sweden on Battlelog []


Mau3n (HeXagon E-sports)- Team Captain
Underbartlagom (Eyeballers) - 2nd Team Captain
Lusse (Roflsquad) - War Arranger
Roller (Eyeballers) - sponsorships


Magoth (HeXagon E-sports)
Krusken (Roflsquad)
Gojme (myRevenge)
Mau3n (HeXagon E-sports)


Slider (Rush Zone)


Benzla (Genuin Gaming)
snjL (Genuin Gaming)
Burrem (Genuin Gaming)
Mumspojken (HeXagon E-sports)


Swaffelsaruz (Roflsquad)
Snejbel (Chaotech)
Perfect (Kravall)
Tastyandy (Chaotech)
Sccar (Eyeballers)
Jagardaniel (Eyeballers)
Kls1t (LateX)
Bigfoot (Chaotech)
Frankii82 (Eyeballers)
Underbartlagom (Eyeballers)

Pro tip:

1st Sweden
2nd Bulgaria
3rd Italy

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