To our Australian console players.

zh1nt0 4 years ago 415 comments

I want to let you know that our team over here has been working very hard in order to solve these issues for you. We´ve done numerous improvements and of course, one of them being ramping up our server capacity in Australia. These short-term changes will be rolling out over the comings weeks and some players may notice improvements sooner than others as we work towards our goal. We will keep you updated on our progress. Do please remember that you will always have a line in to the Studio via me so if you encounter anything you wish to talk about or report, let me know on

Thank you for playing our game and being part of this great community!

One Love :)

/Daniel Matros

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first :D
hope it gets better soon...i hate rubber banding.
FIRST !!!!
FIRST !!!!
omg first retard kids. look what players playing u game DICE....
Very Cool to hear about Oz news Daniel. Keep up the good work!
YES that you, i was at the EB games expo aweswell IT WAS AMAZING :)
YES Thankyou, i was at the EB games expo aweswell IT WAS AMAZING :)
in other words "Thank you for waiting a patched our game and being part of this Mordor!"
Good news thanks for the update! Ive just got offline after 30 mins on Aus xbox servers... firstly only 2 servers online and populated then the worst rubber banding and TERRIBLE hit detection/random deaths I've seen for a long time in many games - hope this fix is quick because of late BF3 is unplayable here in kanga country :(
Yet on ps3 we still have 1 bar ping and no ea servers and next to no dice servers and this has been going on for like six weeks. Any news on that Mr. Matros???
Crew_PL, and you spelled it wrong
GOOD WORK! Where the patch, the description of which was published more than a week ago? =^.^=
Good work DICE :). I'm not Australian player but good to see u're working on it :)!
Australia? i dont have this city, btw i'm in italy lol
Look forward to it and thank you for efforts your time into improving our gaming experience means a lot... well to me anyway well thank you and hope all goes well and hope BF3 continues to be as successful as it has been Thanks for considering us aussie's
@Talnoy79 I know right!

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