Feedback on the latest patch (PS3, PC users)

Of course your feedback is something we are looking at and right now we are reproing a lot of issues that have been reported to us. With your increasing suggestions and feedback we can evaluate what changes can go into the next update and also what fits best for a great Battlefield experience.

So in short, keep sending us your feedback, it´s very valuable :).

Happy Friday!

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It's horrible, why did you change the cannon on every jet to the previous f-35 one but with less bullet drop and quicker? IT'S HORRIBLE
the objectives on the minimap are wayyy to big, i cant see anything near it
repair the heat seakers you bustards
Nice patch. But it seems that server crashes more often than before the patch. Encountered 2 crashes last night on 2 different server, almost never happened before.
Sniper tracers are huge and trend to fade at long range,making it harder to assess distances and the bullet drop location..
Better now than a little :) good job
the patch is great, what i love most is that the semiauto weapons dont jam anymore :) however i dont think the foregrip should decrease accuracy, thats kinda weird. also the suppresion effect is a little overboard after the patch
ok, bullet trace on m98b is really retarded and big, can't see shit when you fire and the bullet takes up atleast the space of 3 people at long distance
needs to be smaller
Still just as many glitchers in roof on Metro, MAV-fix didn't help. Would it be hard to set the roof area as out of bounce?
Its awesome. End of!
please show the friendly aircraft and helis on the air radar like the Beta!!!!
Increase the bolt sniper one shot one kill to 100M,its not enough range for the close quate rcombat,go fix it right DICE
Why, just why the MAV ?
Is it just me or have they weakened the absolute SHIT out of jets??
does anyone know when xbox gamers will get the patch?!?! o_o
fix the vehincles, when i'm driving with the tank now, only 2 rpg's can kill me right now, that is ridiculous, also i miss the chopper dogfight, and when did the flares became more usefull then the EMC? also, the decrease for the mav did not seem to work, i was able to kill 3 guys with it before ir destroyed it self, a good thing is the thing that u can't use the mav as an elevator anymore. because of that elavator part, i did not wanted to play gulf of oman anymore.
i think the post has spoilt some weapons like the usas 12 shotgun frag its so slow now and has little effect was a deadly close counters weapon now nothing more than a pee shooter now gutting.
please fix the tanks, it is no fun to drive a tank anymore, they are so weak, how can that be realistic? the main round does more damage to other tanks, but hitting ground ppl is getting so hard now. the rpgs/javelin are way too overpowerd and so are the jets and the helo's. also the guided shell is to slow. if the tanks should have any chance of survival, please boost the shell, so we could have a better chance of hitting jets too. and the repair tool is too weak now.
I really like the new squad spawn screen on the PC. It looks ridiculously better than the monstrosity that was there before, good job. Gun change wise I like what's been done - there's no longer people running suppressors on every gun in every situation which is fantastic.
Absolutely love the nerf to vehicles, since they were used to effectively destroy gameplay in most maps because of absurd camping and extremely fast repairs. Additionally, the rebalance of lmgs and submachineguns is very, very welcome and leads to a higher variety of playstyles. In particular, thanks for fixing the damned mav elevator thing finally. GREAT patch all in all, albeit certainly due WAY SOONER, you damned lazy assed fags.
stop sucking asses. The new patch sucks! the tanks dies in 2 shoots! and the FPS are lower than before...damn it, fan boys you'r killing this game!
Yes, heat seeking missiles are broken. None of them actually hit the plane.
I generally like the changes, kills seem more consistent now. Thanks for air radar on stationary AA.
Was the MAV glitch really that hard to fix that you only did half the job?
Suppression effect seems a bit good dont mess with that now we can own m320 noobs and usas whores
Please test the patches before releasing them.
Never noticed before but now being able to walk around before a match starts I have noticed that the glass in the building next to the docks flag on kharg cq is too strong. I used a tank to destroy every wall hoping the building would fall down. the galss in the upstairs windows just floated there
Please release patches more regularly rather than every few months...

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