Feedback on the latest patch (PS3, PC users)

Of course your feedback is something we are looking at and right now we are reproing a lot of issues that have been reported to us. With your increasing suggestions and feedback we can evaluate what changes can go into the next update and also what fits best for a great Battlefield experience.

So in short, keep sending us your feedback, it´s very valuable :).

Happy Friday!

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I realize you guys nerfed the grip to add balance (pro and cons for every choice) but it doesn't make any sense to have aiming down the sight EVER be a negative.
You guys ruined more than you fixed! I was just in a jet testing the heat seekers. My friend locked and fired them at me ten times and none of them hit. I didn't use flares and I didn't try to dodge them. I flew in a straight line. The jet-mounted machine gun seems way too overpowered now. A few shots and the shit starts to burn.
fix the co-op dog tag !!!!!!!!
Please test the patches before releasing them.
whens the patch for Xbox?
pls, NEFR donw SUpresion! It was allredy hard to shoot an enemy who started to shoot 1st, but now it's rediculos! Fix the size of size of healt,ammo packs on the MINIMAP, if there are a lot of them, the minimap is nonreadable!
The suppresors suck ass now and saw a guy mav ride in karkand maps and teran highway?????? I gave it a try and could not? Still die when jumping off low objects......
I told you there would be a patch for the patch...
wow grab a life people,dice and ea have been doing an amazing job with this game cut them some slack or go play c.o.d.
Same, black screen & also total shut down of BF3. Several of our members were unable to join Metro & Damavand because it just sat saying joining server. Then they would get disconnected without even joining the game. Also the supression is all out of sink and some weapons don't kill. 30 rounds from a G36 to the head should kill right? Well it don't... 4 times it happen using the G36. Anyone else having weapon problems like this??
Suppression is a horrible. Shoot first and win. No skill required. Tanks are a little too weak. Heat Seekers just don't work.
Upvote this so DICE sees it!
you guys let us get used to the old gameplay for 5 months and then you make major changes that fuck up the hole game we where used to. this is so annoying it makes me want to ditch the game completlely.
feedback, hahhaha des wollt ihr ned wirklich haben...
ANy 1 having a black screenm problem!?
The way the mini map looks is cool, however can you please resize the Icon of your fallen teamies. if they go down there is nothing else one can see. also, put the Armour back for the tanks... feels like they have plastics panels. thank you Quiky
please get rid of the flashlights still waaaaaaaay too bright other than that the patch is ok, although i could play fine before it :)
Input lag is still not fixed! Come on DICE! You are great programmers, this can't be too much for you to fix...
Everything u did was good now you just need to undo everything by 40% and it would be the best game ever
You do understand its a game,have your mother hold you tight little buddy its all gonna work out
Our feedback is very valuable? I'm laughing at this. You completely ignore feedback you don't wana discuss, e.g. Hardcore server rotation. Whatever man, ignorance is bliss etc..
ABSOLUTE CROCK OF SHIT the sound updates are fucking shocking its turned what was a beautiful sound from the game from my £3000 yamaha 8.1 surround sound gear into a tin can shit fuck echoing bollox, getting hit in a tank by another tank shell sounds like marbles on coke cans, when you get shot in the heli by anything sounds like a pea shooter on a coke can An already over powered jet more over powering, RPG instant detruction on a helicopter now wtf 2 locked heat seekers from one jet dont destroy another jet any more why??? missles on the heli now are so small in trace it is hard to track there trojectory anymore and do not fire in the manner they did before. 1 improvement for me so far as a attack helicopter pilot was the better flying caperbility or the havoc but all in all I feel this generally has ruined this game further and I can honestly see my recent enthusiasm for this game dwinderling rapidly if further readjustment to tweek back some of this shit you have done to it today.
It would be really great if you guys could design a game where you only have one life a few mags and nades and medpacks per class and the try and get a rush obj. Like in AA you know Americas Army the free on line game?
great patch, especially with the flash supresser =)
After playing it for a few days on the ps3 I have a couple points. Some of the weapons seem to have lost a lot of their damage points. I was playing a game of Rush on Grand Bazaar the other day, had the m249 equipped and managed to get in behind the enemy. There were 5 of them huddled next to a door so I let rip, I must have fired around 150 rounds into that 5 people, didn't miss AT ALL, yet I only killed one of them...I mean....come on...that weapon would rip you in half if that many bullets hit you. My PS3 haze frozen a few more times since the update, but that was also a problem before hand, so I'm not sure what to make of that, but has done it 3 or 4 times since the update. I'm not really a big fan of the new server system and the way it rotates you between conquest/deathmatch/rush etc. If I select to play conquest or whatever, I would like to continue playing that game mode.
Suppression too high, tanks a little too nerfed, the guns feel horrible now but i'll get used to that. Aircraft heatseekers broken. L85 bug.
Want my feedback? Oh wait....I play BF3 on Xbox we've yet to even get an estimated release date! #SoThrilled
i think surpression is a little too much
MR_GUSTA ANy 1 having a black screenm problem!? 1 minute ago YES, about 5 of our members,,,,, :-(

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