Feedback on the latest patch (PS3, PC users)

Of course your feedback is something we are looking at and right now we are reproing a lot of issues that have been reported to us. With your increasing suggestions and feedback we can evaluate what changes can go into the next update and also what fits best for a great Battlefield experience.

So in short, keep sending us your feedback, it´s very valuable :).

Happy Friday!

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Let me make it clear to you In a word have "NERFED" this game completely and have in my and many others opinions fucked this game up. I speak with over 500 hrs playing timecolonel level 21 and enjoyed all vehicles in this game particularly being an attack helicopter pilot, and a skillful one at that. All land base tanks now are cardboard armoured and you will get done in it rapidly, it has taken all of the element of stratidgy and skill out of the vehicle's and given it to infantry rpg noobs to just sit tight in a squad with explosion perks to 1 hit all dead rpg land based vehicles. jets are now even more over powering to helicopters when were already difficult enough to deal with, but yet in a jet to to jet fight 2 heat seekers no longer will destroy a vehicle, but if a soldier hits any vehicle with an rpg, stinger its game over, how is that balanced?
We still need a minimum of a 1 second timer on Defibrilator to stop bads from running around ressing you in the middle of a snipers crosshair and making you die over and over
Thanks. Awesome the USAS-12 isn't as ridiculous. The rate of fire is a lot better. Great job!
great patch !
It would help a lot if you actually announce EVERYTHING that has been changed.
My final issue is the ability to quit after a game. So many people complained about not being able to quit after playing a game, but for me it just ruins it. People continually leave after EVERY game and leave you with half a team, meaning you have to quit the entire game and search again for a good game. Very annoying!
You need to put the ASVAL back to shooting the way it was. Leave the extended mag but do away with the damn recoil. Plus you could have left the claymores the same also. It takes twice as long to kill someone with the ASVAL now. The sniper rifles fell a little off too. The bullet it's self is way to big when lookiing thru the scope when you shoot. And there was still nothing done about the damn sunlight glare. And it takes twice as long to resuppy your clays once you use them also. That needs to be put back too the way it was.
any1 else having flash plugin problems? " Flash plugin is blocked or disabled Battlelog requires Flash. Please enable or unblock it."
@ Gambrinus... AA OMG yeah... I used to play it on my MAC on 2.5 oh 2004? But it changed to just PC on 3.0.... GREAT game. Never got round to buying a PC, but would be on it if i did...
Don't know why you guys changed the breaking in the jets.. It was fine as is..... Please change it back.
I feel the attachments are much better and the rifles I've tried so far I prefer, the only thing I'm not too sure on is the suppression. There's nothing worse than lining up a player in your sights, one bullet flies past you and your soldier turns into an alcoholic.
L96 is still not goot... it shoots above from where u aim it... also the AA missiles are not hitting any target.... and i am in love with the new layout of Kharg and Tehran Highway.... thanks a ton EA/DICE.... great job u did there.... :)
col le patch ps3 les serveurs sont cher
was got nerfed to much
cant wait, cuz the usas getting nerfed! umad usas fags? :D
Still dying when I jump from stupidly low heights, suppression is now over exaggerated. The fall damage has been increased from what I can see when it should have been reduced.... Other than that it's OK.
although I agree with most peoples complaints I still think BF3 is the best FPS out there. Overall the people at DICE have done a great job.
I think the suppression is overpowered.
@girafinator Thats the whole point, Nobody likes USAS frag bitches...
and yeah.... support guns have very high recoil... i mean its almost very difficult to hit a running target at a distance... and also i feel like the suppression is way too much....
hit box is still messed up, getting shot around corners as per usual, how can I run around the otherside of a building and STILL be getting hit from the same guy.......g3 is fixed which is nice at last, ASVAL is still way overpowered and to accurate for what it really is
there are just some weapon balances that were set to high, u know what im sayin?:P
Please release patches to fix BUGS not ruin the GAME... Please, can i have my old MG36 with the extended mags back? No-one wants the useless heavy barrel. Thanks for making the game worse with every patch since release. I think I'm gonna stop playing, and I've been here since beta...
when does it come out on xbox?
yeah ... almost all support guns are pretty useless now....
oh and the machine guns our now completey fucking useless, what is with the m240b? bipod out, try doing a 3 round burst and your looking at the sky?!?! wtf!
xbox patch when and how much gb?
I think the tanks are made of duct tape now, if you're lucky you can have a ''one shot one kill''. But, the things I like the most are of course the underpowering of the USAS, and the abillity to lock onto other Jets and Heli's faster. Normally you have to fly enormously slow to be able to lock onto a heli. All with all, I think it'll make the game a lot better!
love the way they recolt feedback whiteout xbox...

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