Accessorize It: Finding the Perfect Setup to Fit Your Playstyle

In the latest episode of “Inside DICE”, Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz returns with an in-depth look at how we balance and rebalance the game after launch. He will also help you realize some of the most significant changes in how the different accessories in Battlefield 3™ are tweaked in the latest patch – and how you can experiment to find a new and perfect setup to fit your personal playstyle. Read the full story on the Battlefield Blog: []

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wait what?
wow again
lol at fist posts
Finding the Perfect Setup? Duh its the M26 MASS NOW FIX IT!
accessories dont matter when you balance the crap out of it
FIRST yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D
useless competition of who gets the first comment XD
i like ponys
i like bacon with my burgers.
Fix the game!!! Stop FAILing!
Yay!! Posted by someone other than that retarded zh1-clown!!!
Lol yeah greenfox! Perfect setup is 26 dart. There balance problem fixed. Trollolol
I find better luck when using the Heavy Barrel as well as a foregrip.....for assault-rifles, anyway. Carbines seem to be great for hip-firing, and so a laser comes in handy just in case.
#999! :D
Seems like DICE is starting the news-spam offensive with the goal to hide the patch feedback threads...
"though community sentiment is clear that while divided a significant number of players dislike the changes made to suppression." Kertz are u kiddin us???? divided ?? there like 98% of community think u shud roll back the patch, wata hell u talkin bout,if u mess it up. just tell us lies like u gonna fix it,but dont bs ur community we r not dumb asses here ,and not kiddies
@Twisted0306 where do you get your numbers? maybe 20-30% would like to roll back the patch..

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