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Please guys fix the goddamn M26 DART!
and by the way Dice .... the post patch i was dreading but i shut my mouth and played it out and i belive you guys make an excellent improvment to many aspects of the game i LOVE the suppresion its acctualy usefull not just asthetic (before the pastch i had 2 suppression ribbons since October ...POST patch i have now 123 suppresion ribbons) bipods work better flares ect like i sed i was DREADING the patch i didtnt want my game to change but it seems that i was panicing for naughtand the server update was KEY now i have a server i play in which EVERY PLAYER HAS A MIC which makes the game 10x better since thats what its about TEAMWORK not runnin and gunning or just killing its ABOUT TEAMWORK...... in summary id just like to thank you guys for wading through the fire of the idiot portions ov the fan base and find out the real problems that needed to be patched ...looking forward to the map packs and new weapons (even tho there are more then enough ahahah)the ONLY thing id bitch about is t
supression will be fixed??? will it??
i see ........
got cut off i guess... the Only thing id bitch about is the M-COM defender ribbon is a shitstorm to obtain but thats all i got to complain about
Hey Normandee MAV elavator is nerfed/fixed I have tried like hell to do it and have 350 hrs playing bf3 alot of those spent with MAV. pretty sure it is not working anymore. (insert frown here). If there is a way someone let me know.
#teronF don't fix the g3a3 dart glith
Darts rule!
I work at morning! no problem =)
IMO DICE is doing an ok job with bugs. they didn't totally let the game go there still working on it. its just they have priorities mixed up. there fixing the wrong things at the wrong time. instead of bitching for weeks about a bug just wait for it to be fixed.
Good, Keep up the good work :o)
@Bushizu i love how you bitch about the game being a fucking joke when you have 556Hrs of gameplay and are still playing the game. if you think its joke stop playing it and then you have nothing to bitch about!
Nerf & Fork it up time again ...... *C/:O(
okay......patch no.
Well done.
sweet i cant wait to see what you guys break next and dont fix.great job DICE,great job fucking up this game and killing it.have you noticed how many players have left this game recently?not just the noob rush after the game first launches,but BF vets.we hate your fucking game now.
Hot tip DICE: Implement options for being displayed offline and busy. Such standard options should really have been included from the start
do something with the fuking hackers pleeeeeeeeease..!!!!
zhint0 could you please reverse this pacth is so shit
Dont give a F*ck, they dont fix necessary stuff like the Dart.
Hopefully this will stop the iritating rubberband lagg!?!
FIx The Dart Problem. Fix the fps because before the big patch i could play at high and now ineeded to lower to medium.Do that a death i the game is still deatch even if you are revived in order to stop boosting. Low the power of all shotgans. And the most important thing please do as you promise to give expansion packs for free and make close quearters free to anyone. And put the game on steam It will give you 1 million more users.
lies!!! wont fix shit

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