Double XP Weekend May 26-27 on PC

During Saturday and Sunday this weekend (May 26th-27th), every point you make gets doubled at the end of round!

If you want to know exactly how we calculate your Double XP, head to this forum post []. The gist of it is that double XP will be accrued across all ranked servers and matches on PC. Start and end times below.

Now tell your friends and let’s have a great 48 hours of gaming!

Starts Saturday 26th May
00:01 PDT
07:01 UTC
09:01 CET

Ends Sunday 27th May
23:59 PDT
06:59 UTC (Which is Monday 28th of May in this time zone)
08:59 CET (Which is Monday 28th May in this time zone)

Comments (1157)

yea.... double xp :)
Better write down your points before you start in the 2xp weekend and of all matches you play this weekend too. Not that DICE screws us again like they did with the last patch.
oh and btw they screwing us already by 2 min. 00.01 starts and ends 23.59
So why do we only have 48 hours and PS3 had 72 hours? Well, that sucks! I must work on saturday and sunday is not only here to play...thanks EA and DICE for your great shit work! :D
Thank you! Can't wait.
Unfair foe those who earned them the honest way!!!
Missed out on most of double xp on consoles :/
Just wanted to say...Battlefield 3 was the last EA Game i bought! :)
Gonna play as much as i can......
Praise the Lord! They did not fuck it up.
give us spectator mode
I afraid that Origin fails or something else goes wrong
nice level up
Kids! I want, I want, I want uber now! Learn how to play by the rules and fair. Bring back the old days when children played on the consoles, and grown ups played on the computers.
i hope they fix origin before it starts
DICE should really fix the problems from the patch they made instead of waiting for a DLC to come out
oh god yes
damn, i wish i hadn't planned so many parties this weekend ;)
fix suppression and M26
Im at Colonel 100 service star and I cant enjoy it , do some thing about US !
Would we get it this time. LOL
rank doesnt make a player good, double xp not needed thanks all the same but I didnt come from cod and therefore dont need double xp to make me want to play again.
NICE NICE DICE :D needs some points since i switched to PC a week ago!
Why DICE, WHY? I have to study for my final tests for the year this weekend...
Got party on 26 and GP of Monako 27...
What the hell? I didn't know console players had double xp.

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