Double XP Weekend May 26-27 on PC

During Saturday and Sunday this weekend (May 26th-27th), every point you make gets doubled at the end of round!

If you want to know exactly how we calculate your Double XP, head to this forum post []. The gist of it is that double XP will be accrued across all ranked servers and matches on PC. Start and end times below.

Now tell your friends and let’s have a great 48 hours of gaming!

Starts Saturday 26th May
00:01 PDT
07:01 UTC
09:01 CET

Ends Sunday 27th May
23:59 PDT
06:59 UTC (Which is Monday 28th of May in this time zone)
08:59 CET (Which is Monday 28th May in this time zone)

Comments (1157)

fuck this
PC should have gotten another day because of DICE's negligence.
I hope this weekend WILL be double XP weekend :D
Great! But why, WHY does the weather have to be that fucking good this Weekend? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY :D
(First World Problems, I know)
nice 200 points every kill M-COM ARMING WILL BE 1000 POINTS!
*M-com destroy will be 1000
prefer to correct the igla and Stinger becose whereas useless against heli and airplanes
Oh why not on PS3 :(
You would do this on the one weekend I'm out of town all year...
WTF no love for the consoles at all there never is any love for us at all
This is stupid, and right when I'm not at home...
Don't worry, BF3:MW addon is coming soon...
Cool, double XP full during the Exam period. Should have taken place two weeks ago. Now it's too late for me.
y u no do this on xbox 360 playstashon three
Why care?
too bad it didnt even work properly on the xbox and alot of the times i was even awarded with the "additional points" even though i was playing in an official ea ranked server
fucking turkey
Hey for you morons complaining about PS3 or Xbox 360 consoles not getting double XP this weekend, READ! It states, and states accurately, that you guys already HAD your double xp, PC was screwed out of our double XP the weekend you guys had yours due to "technical difficulties". This was two weekends ago, so get your heads out of your asses and quit your bitchen... thanks.
I am going to play as much as i can this weekend... thanks for this EA\DICE..... a double XP weekend should happen every month :P
finally!!! =D
patch the game instead of reprogramming the game's scoring system for two days ONLY. get rid of M26 MASS whatsoever, noone but noob deserves a gadget like this
@70m23k pimpkn pls. M26 Mass *should* be a devastating close quarters weapon, with less damage compared to the 870MCS, around the same level as the DAO-12 I think. It's just an underbarrel shotgun. If it bugs you that much, develop counter strategy.
Here we go!

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