Dreamhack Masters to feature Battlefield 3

So this summer at Dreamhack in Jönköping, players will gather to play for 50.000 SEK (Swedish Krona = 7000 USD).

The game mode is 5v5 Conquest and the sign ups have started :).

Tournament: AMD Sapphire Battlefield 3 DreamHack Masters
Location: DreamHack Summer 2012, BYOC-Areas, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Date: 16-19 June
Sponsors: AMD, Sapphire
Format: 5on5 Conquest
Platform: PC, Latest available patch
Prize Purse: 50 000 SEK (25000SEK, 12500SEK, 6250SEK, 6250SEK)
No of teams: 64
Tournament format: To be announced

To sign up, go here: http://www.dreamhack.se/dhs12/2012/05/30/amd-sapphire-battlefield-3-dreamhack-masters/ [dreamhack.se]

Comments (280)

great if all aspects of this game worked
That spectator mode in BF3 makes it really great to watch tournaments like this... Oh, right
It should have been 8v8 instead of 5v5.
Fix game:experince,paper tanks,hit boxes,suppresion!!!Than we can talk about tournaments!!!
8v8. And spectator mod guys! MAKE. IT. NOW.
get your heads out of your arses and fix this messed up game
atleast 16vs16 or a tournament of 32vs32 would be nice, this game its for that, not for play CoD mode 6vs6..
Thats it fucking crazy, quiero participar !!! Tanto money me vuelve loco !!!
I don't see how any type of conquest game could be interesting with 5v5. As previously stated 8v8 might work, but 5v5? This game is nothing like Counter Strike. It would be a bitch to figure out how to referee and commentate these matches. You might be able to use an MAV, but people would just try to shoot it down.
no comment... -.-
sounds great........how you gonna score the matches with messed up stats????? LOL
I guess a HUGE glitch in the next patch will make this worthwhile to watch.
Go play cs not bf!
Not like they will be able to track who won without stats...
Buahahahaha, how will people spectate it? Or what about suppression, the non-existent recoil and RBS... Great e-spprt title, don't you agree?
5vs5 CQ ... tell me why bf3 is better than any cod game?
I thought this game was "Battlefield". I must be at the wrong game! Broken game on LAN. 5v5...pff bullshit.
With M26 DART in the game? :D
First Official Bf3 Tournament - > Already a complete failure.
good luck to the guys in the tournament for trying to play in a bugged game haha DICE ur making me laugh ... dice is long more clients and for that they are desprately trying to rescue themseves first its the double EXP now this what else would u do so despratley to save your series from ruin ... i wonder what next?
just GTFO...everyone swares on you DICE...and u still keep enraging us? pfpfpppfpffff...and fix something already! it's funny because you guys said you wanted ur game to be better than any CoD "bullshit"...and it turned out to be that your game is the "bullshit"...you still proud of your game? while every player encounters players every 5 minutes? get a life Zh1nt0
That sounds like a boring, long ass tournament.
Muhhahahaha!!!!!!!!! Platform: PC, Latest available patch <------- WTF!!!!!!!!!
Sponsors: AMD, Sapphire WOW
LOL@ the pubbies and consolekiddo's whining at 5v5 on PC and fixing a game. As if EA/DICE gets distracted from their efforts by another LAN...
5v5....LOL!! Fail on my face!
60th comment not bad

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