Unique in-game content – Soldier Upgrade for Premium players

We’re happy to announce that a new range of soldier upgrades are now available to Premium members.

For Premium players, this means that you will receive two new Camos (One per faction) as well as new assignments.

The new assignments are:

Unlock – F2000 Woodland Oak Camo

Pre-requisite Premium Assignment 1 completed
100 kills with the F2000
50 squad revives
25 kills with the underslung shotgun

Unlock – Pecheneg Tactical Camo

Premium Assignment 2 completed
100 kills with the Pecheng
25 Claymore kills
25 vehicle kills with C4

Unlock – L96 Digital Woodland Camo

Premium Assignment 3 completed
100 kills with the L96
50 squad spot assists with the MAV
350 meter headshot with the L96

Unlock – Scar-H Berkut Camo

Premium Assignment 4 completed
100 kills with the SCAR-H
20 kills with AT mines
5 air vehicles killed with AT launchers (RPG/SMAW/Javelin)

Unlock – Navy Blue Digital Camo for US Soldiers and Woodland Stripe Pattern for RU Soldiers

Pre-requisite F2000 Specialist, Pecheneg Specialist, SCAR-H Specialist and L96 Specialist Assignments completed
500 kills with Assault
400 kills with Support
500 kills with Engineer
300 kills with Recon

If you are not a Premium player but would like to enjoy the benefits, you can get Premium right here: http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield3/1/premium

Comments (3968)

Gonna buy premium
maybe not, haha
lol @ avatar
Not too bothered about weapon cammos but the soldier kits could be cool
camos for the same weapons is kind of... boring?
I think you should branch out with the gun camos. I don't really like the guns that have the camos bar the L96 and Scar-H. You should branch out to some other guns, I would appreciate that.
why I don't get nothing?
How boring.
Yay more assignments.........my wife is going to kill me
Nice, Dice!
how about weapon camos for other guns?
only camo how about new weapon?
WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT, honestly these camos have been in the game since premium came out they just had them hidden like honestly couldnt we get something new?

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