Announcing the Top 10 Only in Battlefield 3 videos

trydling 6 years ago

The Only in Battlefield 3 Video Challenge is drawing to a close. We received over 1,200 videos, and the level of quality was amazing. After much deliberation, the DICE jury settled on the official Top 10 pick.

Beautiful jet stunts courtesy of irontjunfisk

Head to the Battlefield Blog for three special mentions and a thank you list of everyone who submitted a video — our small way of paying tribute to a fantastic community that keeps surprising us with their creativity and editing skills.

Then head to the Only in Battlefield competition page to watch the entire Top 10 list of videos — featuring some of the wildest stunts, most beautiful edits, and craziest Battlefield Moments you will ever see.

Stay tuned for our announcement of the three grand prize winners!

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