December Soldier Upgrade available for all Premium members

We recently made the December Soldier Upgrade available for all of our Battlefield 3 Premium members. You should see them now in the game and here on Battlelog. The upgrade includes five weapon camos and five Assignments tied to one dog tag each. More details below. Happy hunting!

New weapon camos (instantly available):
M416 Airman Camo
ACW-R Tactical Camo
M240B Desert Stripe Camo
JNG-90 Berkut Camo
PP-19 Digital Woodland Camo

New Assignments/dog tags
You also get access to five new Premium exclusive Assignments, each one unlocking one new dog tag. These new Assignments are all listed under “Premium” on Battlelog. They are:


Get 25 knife kills
Get 50 kills with the SCAR-H
Get 50 kills with the SCAR-L
Unlocks: Battlescars dog tag

Fire in the hole!

Destroy 20 pieces of enemy equipment with the M67 grenade
Get 50 kills with the AT launchers
Unlocks: Fire in the hole! dog tag

Combat Medic

Revive 100 team mates
Revive 100 squad mates
Get 200 team heals
Get 200 squad heals
Unlocks: Combat Medic dog tag


Get 20 kills in one round
Get 10 kills without dying
Get 5 multi-kills
Unlocks: Rambo dog tag

Silent Hunter

Get 50 kills with silenced MP443
Get 100 kills with the AS-VAL
Unlocks: Silent Hunter dog tag

Comments (1553)

very nice!
yay some chalenging ones!!
who the hell cares lol
Awesome looking dogtags!!
How am I supposed to achieve the last two goals of RAMBO? There's still nothing after I get a 10-kill streak and get a 5-multi kill.
Ist Page AWSOME Finally they give us Good looking Premium Dogtags
Call me Rambo bro
i will never be able to get those knife kills....
That Rambo dog tag is way too easy to get...
Heck yeah thanks DICE!
awesome ^^
nice haha
Good enough.
5 is james bond ? lol
Great :>
noobs who cant afford premium....too funny
boo hoo to the non premium troll. we got discounted price. good enough reason for premium.

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