Capture 100 million bases – Get a new dog tag!

trydling 10 years ago

Get ready for our fourth dog tag challenge! Can you capture 100 million bases together with the rest of the community in seven days to unlock the new “Good Riddance” dog tag? Full details below in this community-wide challenge open to all players.

Can you reach 100 million base captures collectively in one week to unlock this new dog tag?

Your goal: To collectively reach 100 million base captures in Battlefield 3 during one week, starting December 14. If all platforms combined reach the set goal, we will unlock the new “Good Riddance” dog tag for everyone.

We will start counting your base captures on December 14 at 00:00 UTC (Click the link to see what time this corresponds to where you live — note that this is actually Thursday afternoon on the US west coast!)

One down -- 99,999,999 to go!

The challenge ends December 20 23:55 UTC. That’s one week to reach your goal in any of the maps and game modes featuring bases to capture (Conquest in all its variants including Conquest Assault and Conquest Domination, plus the new Scavenger mode in Aftermath.)

We’ll let you know on December 21 if the challenge was successfully completed, and unlock the dog tag the same day if you reached the 100 million goal. Good luck and happy hunting!

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