Anti-cheat update: Quicker bans and reminder how to report cheaters

Our efforts to keep Battlefield 3 a fair game continue. Here’s an update on how we are staffing up our anti-cheat department and decreasing turnaround times. Also: How you can help.

Fact: We receive literally hundreds of reports each day from our players on suspicious-behaving opponents. Our first call of action is usually to manually verify whether these reports are valid or not.

Fact: In the large majority of cases, cheat reports are not valid. By far the most common outcome of a report is that we can conclude that the player is simply awesome at playing Battlefield 3. We know it can sometimes feel like you’ve been the victim of a cheater – but the stark reality in most of these cases is you’ve simply met a great adversary.

Keeping the Battlefield fair is one of our top priorities. But making sure we don’t erroneously ban a non-cheating player is of course of utmost importance. That’s why we carefully investigate before banning anyone from playing the game.

More staff, quicker turnarounds
At the same time, we want to make sure we take swift action on proven cheaters. That’s why we have staffed up and decreased the turnaround time from report to action. Going forward, you will see quicker action taken on cheaters — specifically when it comes to stats wiping and/or banning them.

Finally, here’s a reminder how you can help us by reporting suspected cheaters. If you believe you have been the victim of outright cheating, the best way to report your concerns is to enter the profile page here on Battlelog of the person you suspect and click the triangle in the top right corner of his name.

This will open up a window where you can describe to us at DICE what happened. Please enter as much detail as possible, describing what specifically makes you believe this player has used unfair methods, and preferably include a link to the Battle Report for the match in question.

How to tell if someone’s been banned
One question that we get a lot is why person X is not banned when he is obviously proven to be a cheater. The problem is, there is no good way for normal Battlelog visitors to verify whether a player has actually been banned from play or not, since a cheater’s profile normally will stay visible but with reset stats.

This means that a player who has had his stats reset (but can still play) and a player who is banned from playing will look very similar on Battlelog. One way for you to get a better idea whether someone is banned or not is to look at the date of when he last played the game. But in most cases when you think someone should have been banned, he has. There’s just not any way for us to signal that on Battlelog at the moment.

We hope this small update has provided some insight into our anti-cheat work. Have a great gaming weekend, and thanks to our community for helping us in our ongoing anti-cheat efforts.

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Quit wiping stats and just permaban.
Rubbish EA and Dice have no interest in dealing with cheating for half of the players on battlefield are cheating so to ban half would mean a loss of money for EA
Remember the good old days when games had a vote/kick feature...I miss those days...8 months after this announcement and the cheating is still ridiculous.
This is just not true, last time I reported a player for using an aimbot, I wrote in my report that I had video footage showing him doing it (with his friends) Never got contacted by Battlefield for this footage, guy never got banned, i'll not bother again. Reporting players is a waste of time, sorry.
hackers will still be in the game there better then dice they will find every cheat in the book
Erm. BAN THEM!!! ban their Serial key. Or give us Kill Cam. We'll ban the F*****s for you.
I've encountered numorus players who can't even fit a profile of being better @ anyone. 1. C4'ing a tank. Dropping 3 c4 on side, front of a tank & only get a small little like hit marker Only to get killed by the tanker. Came across this a few x's & there k/d is just ridiculous #1 with 100+ kills. 2. sks being shot with a rate of fire like an mp7 3. Having 2 main weapons. 4. everyone & all friendly c4, mines exposed to enemy. Switched teams to play with a friend & noticed on mini map. These things are what I've experienced in the last month & it's always "new" players with little to no rank. & more than half of them don't have A battle log so reporting them?? I have no clue
cool story bro
How about sharing with us how YOU determine if they are cheating? If people are erroneously reporting 'awesome' players, they help keep us informed to reduce how many false reports you receive. Not to mention, you could fix your net code, so it doesn't seem like someone is cheating, when in reality, it's the code. giving them an advantage.
fix rock and a hard place stinger please
In regards to using stats to work out if hacking, this method is completely flawed. Let's face it, most hacker suck at the game, hence the need for an aimbot, therefore even with cheats their SPM can rest around 1000 which is easily obtainable by a decent player not cheating, the only other real stat that can be checked is accuracy.... which is also flawed, most hackers I've encountered, will at some point in the round use a LMG of some sort and run around spraying walls with it, thus lowering their Battle report accuracy to <20% (Again easily obtainable, by someone who can actually play without being a dipshit hacker) Battlefield need to work out a better system.
Useless, us "noob" players just have to take hackers with a grain of salt. Their going to get rid of 1/100 hackers in the game. I guess it's a start, but im just going to enjoy the scenic maps, look for some killer camping spots, sit back get a kill shot every now n then, and take the game for what it is "Hacked & Glitched Again"
Noxiera & [H]XiMiK_Ziga i have been watching them and me and my 2 onther friends in my platoon defined them for cheating, it happens that you hare lucky sometimes or are extremly good but you can always see the diffrent between human aiming and software aiming Please check them out and spectate them. THIS IS BF4, i did not find any BF4 Report Why it wasn't banned yet?
The support ....
Nice going good job keep it up.
Nice god job Dice.
Looks good!
Not bad ` `
Well I might play BF3 least give it a try now that this is in place...Does this mean your going to act metro for using the metro wall glitch
The axe is swinging
great :)
They take a look at their stats and see if some are horrendously wrong. It is quite easy to determine it most of the times.
Lets hope this works.
I find this kind of funny because my clan was reported to be "cheaters" when after all, we're just awesome at BF3 :D
Todos sabem quando um jogador é bom e não esta trapaceando, o problema muitas vezes não é o quanto mata e quanto morre, mas sim quando não é possível matá-lo como se mata a todos ou quando ele te mata com apenas um disparo com uma arma que não é tão poderosa quanto esta demonstrando ser.

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