Server update eliminates 3 bugs

We have started deployment of  a new server update on all formats. This update has three bug fixes (and nothing else):

Fixes immortality bug
We have identified and eliminated a bug where players in specific cases would be rendered invulnerable.

Fixes broken spawn points in TDM mode on Strike at Karkand
We have identified and eliminated a bug where players would only spawn in a few places on the east side of the map.

Fixes a crash in Gun Master mode
We have identified and eliminated a crash issue in Gun Master mode. To definitively eliminate this crash issue, we have had to implement a change so that players can no longer move in preround in Gun Master mode.

It usually takes ~15 minutes on consoles for these updates to be rolled out. On PC you should see these updates in about 24 hours on a majority of the servers. Note that during the console server update window (for 15 minutes) you will not be able to play multiplayer.

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ilk mesaj benden. tükçe
Thanks for the fixes DICE.
GG Dice.
For realllssssss???
i thought everyone got over the first and second stuff.... i am thoroughly dissapointed
ah yeah
first page :p
fixing 3 bugs...? how about you fix all bugs... -_-
nice one DICE!
fixed TV Missile Bug would be nice...
why was my 2nd comment removed
Great news
last!! but cool
No fix for the player cunt on the servere's u rent, they still goes down to 16 or 8 playere's from 24 on ps3?? That's just okay or what!! We pay for them!!
3 down 126 to go
Fix Ziba Tower Glitches
more updates!!!!
first page !

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