New server update on PC restores stability

Quick anti-cheat update:

This Tuesday, we found that hackers had found a way to force a PC server crash, leading to PC server instability. A new server update has since been built and deployed. Monitoring the situation today, we can see that stability seems to be returning to normal levels. Thank you for your patience!

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Good :D
good going guys.
Great job guys now i can look forward to a week of 'You were disconnected from EA Online (1)' from this fix.
FirST pAggee woaaahhhh now give me a cookie
first page thats all i care about because you only live once swag.
Does this fix bf3 crashing/ freezing to desktop? Does this stop single player from crashing/freezing?
" we found that hackers had found a way to force a PC server crash " could we have some more infomation on what this statement actually means.... and maybe some sort of time frame about when you found out, and when hackers found out..? Thanks this would help us help you monitor the PC server instability..
Slavic, stop being such a bitch. =]
BilltzK get EA's member out fo your mouth. =]
So servers being crashed you fix right away but servers being ddos attacked and made to rubberband, drop all players, disconnnect from ea backend but not crash is okie dokie and still nothing to worry about, huh?
no comment..
Down with Cheaters I would put code to shoot used do Hitler !
Good idea how forcing a crash benefits anyone. There are still too many hacks running, need to break the business model somehow EA to put an end to it.
Usually Any exploit someone can do they will, In what gain I am not sure, but can be to get people on there server in order to recruit, or simple troll'ing. We kicked some Clan out for cheating and they DDOS the server so most likely with what was said above
OH YEA Finally not a first fag! I think this is the first thread without a guy who wrote "1st/2nd/3rd/4th/..."
Great job chalk one up for the good guys!!!!!!!
nice :D
hacker wants to destroy BF3!
And what about the hackers? Are they banned?
Hackers always win :)
hmmmmm hhahahhahaha
And still battlelog doesnt always work like it should (connecting to a server, some servers not showing until next map, etc. etc....
Well at last..
was about time...

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