February competition: Crowning the best Rush players

trydling 6 years ago

In our seventh and final Premium exclusive competition, we want to find out who is skilled enough to turn the tide in Battlefield’s signature Rush mode.

Our final Premium competition will run for 48 hours. The five players per platform who can arm and disarm the most amount of M-COM stations will run away with a limited edition T-shirt and lithograph from the DICE Store. Full details below. Good luck and have fun!

You can win a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph and a T-shirt from DICE.

How to join
1. Become a Premium member
Make sure you are a Premium member. This competition is exclusive to our more than 2 million Premium members.

2. Download Aftermath
The competition will run in Aftermath only, so make sure you have downloaded Aftermath (available at no extra charge if you are a Premium member).

3. Join our servers
Find one of the Premium exclusive competition servers. These will all be named “Febcomp” and have a number attached to it. You can search for this name using the manual server browser’s filter functionality.

4. Enter password
Enter the password for the Premium exclusive competition server. You will find the password when confirming below that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions for this competition.

5. Arm/disarm M-COM stations
During 48 hours, we will monitor who can arm/disarm the most M-COM stations. Be one of the top 5 on your format to win a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph featuring artwork from Battlefield 3, plus a limited edition T-shirt from the DICE Store.

Competition times
The competition runs the 48 hours of Saturday and Sunday February 16-17. Note that we use the UTC time zone to decide start and end times. This means the competition will start already on Friday evening February 15 if you are located on the west coast of America, for example. Sample start times below. Click this link for more start times.
Los Angeles 16:00 February 15
London 00:00 February 16
Moscow 04:00 February 16
Tokyo 09:00 February 16

Maps played
The rotation will be all maps in Aftermath, played in Rush mode.

Winners notification
Winners will be posted on Battlelog shortly after the competition ends, and then contacted via email with a winner’s code they can redeem at the DICE Store to claim their price and have it shipped to them.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

The server password for the competition servers is: febcomp

Confirming that you have read and accepted the terms & conditions will reveal the password that you need to be able to enter the competition servers.

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