Plants vs. Zombies dog tag live

DICE <3 Plants vs. Zombies, so we reached out to our friends at PopCap and asked them to create a custom Battlefield 3 dog tag for us. Equip the newly unlocked Plants vs. Zombies dog tag now to show your support for fighting zombies everywhere.

The PopCap guys also created this amazing wallpaper for you. Hit the link or the image to download the full version.

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I like how everyone is bitching. if you dont like it, dont wear it!
MORE BRAINS!!!! hahahahahahaha'
why are people never happy..
why you dont make flags of countries dogtags?
one of the best dog-tags !
Some of the called 'bugs' are fixed by downloading the correct graphic card drivers! don't blame DICE for every piece of your lack of knowledge! Thanks DICE, keep the initiative!
No angry birds?
AWESOME, NICE, YAY, NICE, YIPPIE, WEEEEEE, NICE, AWESOME, NICE. THANKS!!!! Seriously Dice, take a minute to con-fucking-gratulate your Marketing Team. NOT ONLY have they done enough damage control throughout the year but also raised enough public PR to increase the sales of BF3 as a whole. They know better than any of you and us (the retarded customer) that dog tags, empty challenges and a sloppy fix here and there is enough to keep us (the retarded customer) at bay. Now please, continu to work on BF4, or Bad Company 4, or whatever it may be. Be sure to have an even brighter sun present in the game. Be sure not to change anything about the horrendous platform which is origin / battlelog. PLEASE, GIVE ME ANOTHER PROGRAM TO RUN ON THE BACKGROUND. ONE THAT MONITORS EVERYTHING I'M DOING ONLINE!!!11!! Oh, when EA kills you I hope your most talented people will go on to create games based on their individual passions instead of being slaves, forced to dish out this cattlefield or w/e.
Should've made some cool golden tags :)
im gonna dislike it just as much as i dislike the troll tag
We've got many people making hundreds of awesome dogtags yet you choose this simple one! Seriously DICE, get your shit together!
That's good but WE WANT MORE WEAPONS!!!
I still want defibrillator dog tag!!!
wow, You give us a new dog tag? wtf are we supposed to do with a new dog tag? Fix all the bugs and give us more co-op maps.
how about you let us create our own dogtag? maybe then we will see some good ones...
DICE <3 Plants vs. Zombies, so we reached out to our friends at PopCap and asked them to create a custom Battlefield 3 dog tag for us. <---- just that sentence right there sounds like that there more into themselves then the customers and could care less about actually fixing shit that needs to be fixed with this game instead lets roll out some more garbage dogtags and camos and try and be another another cod wanna be game cause we see how they sell big for consoles so lets do like they do yep thats pretty much dices new motto!
Forget the bugs! DICE please make moar tags <3
DANNYonPC is a nub
nice dog tag, keep on making new dog tags!
No no, its: EA <3 Plants vs. Zombies
fuck fighting zombies thats for little kids and call of duty

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