96-hour double XP event in May

We are happy to announce our next double XP event open to all Battlefield 3 players. Starting May 9, all players can enjoy ranking up twice as fast. The event runs for a total of 96 hours (four days), and you can find all of the relevant info below. Hoping to see you on the Battlefield!What: Double XP in Battlefield 3
Who: All Battlefield 3 players on all platforms
Criteria: Ranked servers, all maps and modes
Dates: May 9-13
Running time: 96 hours total
Start time: 02 AM PST / 09 AM UTC May 9
Click here for a handy list of start times all over the world

In the meantime, if you missed the awesome fan-made “Battlefield 3: Gymkhana Edition”, you really should watch it now below. Big thanks to Patwwa Productions for the ride.



Comments (857)

How about another care package with camos for all or guns? Or how about a BF4 MP video? Or how about you give us 4 days of XP but this time you don't make us wait a month for it. Double XP everyone on May 9th? It's the 16th of April for christ sakes, who cares about double XP right now when we don't get it for a month? GIVE US OUR BF4 MP VIDEO DICE! CAN I GET A HOOAH BF4 FANS.
Thumbs up if you want to see BF4 Multiplayer gameplay instead :)
Yes! I can finally get to colonel 100!
haha that video MADE WITH FREECAM , you should ban him because violating TOS AGREEMENT 8D
They posting our videos, BUT THEY DONT GIVE A LEGAL RECORDER TOOL.. to actually record videos.
Let´s prepare the shit bucket!!!
Really? You think ANOTHER double XP event will make us satisfied DICE? If anything, the lag on conquest domination 500% servers will remind console fans that WE NEED PING ON THE SCOREBOARD JUST LIKE PC! Listen to your fans DICE.
dip dip potato chip
You list videoes were mods were used yet you don't allow mods to be used. I love your logic EA.
hey dice how about some more patches to fix bugs and stuff.
To bad I'm Col. 100
Meanwhile in actual Battlefield a Javelin takes him down with ease.
I wonder how many boosters will get trolled during this Double XP.
Why couldn't you just give the snipers ghillie suits???????????? Why??????????????????????????
its about time we get some more double XP... now we just need camo for the rest of our guns.
I hope they do it more often. Its shame I bought Premium right after all DoubleXP ended
Black ops 2 was the biggest disappointment since MW3. BF4 has one chance ONE CHANCE to get it right, don't promise us the moon and the stars, and then give us a bucket of shit with a troll face on the side like Treyarch did.
Please add CTF to vanilla maps and stop being so damn lazy EA/Dice
you're going to the bathroom, you're not playing battlefield! you shit in a bucket! while playing battlefield!
Gymkhana video is sick!! XD
Damn,Exams in 2XP Lets hope They Make One in June
Double XP = Hooah!
free dip with doritos
time to get those service stars up
toooooo late ._. !
Finaly some double xp
And I thought you would stop after endgame. :)
heres a really good idea SORT OUT THE SERVER LAG AND PERHAPS I CAN PLAY THE DAMNED GAME sorry about the caps, but this is crap, i look on my server browser and all of my favorite servers have over 200 ping [their german i am in the uk it should be 40 tops] if i can find a sever that "dives" enough, my ping in game can go from 28 to over 700 [YES SEVEN HUNDRED]thats the sort of ping you get playing from the klingon homeworld not 30 miles north of london enough of the stunts kids, sort the game out

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