How to save space on your X360 HDD

Have an Xbox 360 where you are constantly juggling items to get the free hard disk space that you need? We might be able to help — you can potentially save more than 4GB worth of hard disk space by deleting a few obsolete Battlefield 3 files. Sound good? Then just follow the instructions below.

NOTE: Make sure to follow the below instructions carefully so you don’t have to re-download any essential files unnecessarily.

These packages can safely be removed from your Xbox 360 hard drive:
Rent a Server/E-sports Update (1.1GB)
Multiplayer Update 4 (1.5GB)
Multiplayer Update 5 (1.8GB)

You should not remove any other files from your HDD as the other packages are required to run Battlefield 3 and its expansion packs/DLC files.

There are 2 possible scenarios to play Battlefield 3 Multiplayer online:
If you do not wish to play any DLCs and just want to enjoy the original Battlefield 3 base game multiplayer maps, you can select either Scenario 1 or Scenario 2.

If you wish to use any Battlefield 3 DLC expansion packs or DLC content such as the Rent a server functionality, you must use Scenario 2.

Scenario 1:
Accept the automatic Title Update when starting the game (if you haven’t already) and make sure to have your Online Pass installed. You can choose to ignore all of the Multiplayer Updates and just enter Multiplayer Online play.

Scenario 2:
Accept the automatic Title Update when starting the game (if you haven’t already) and make sure to have your Online Pass, Multiplayer Update 6 and any DLC expansion packs installed that you wish to use.

Minimum required files for Scenario 1:
Battlefield 3 Title Update
Online Pass

Minimum required files for Scenario 2:
Battlefield 3 Title Update
Online Pass
Multiplayer Update 6
Plus any expansion packs you wish to use:
Back to Karkand
Close Quarters
Armored Kill
End Game

Note that in order to use the Rent a server functionality, Kit Shortcuts, or any other DLC, you will need the latest Multiplayer Update (at the time of writing this is Multiplayer Update 6).

Hope that helps! If you are in need of tech support, check out the EA Help Center at

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