Double XP event May 23-27

We’re happy to announce the new dates for our upcoming double XP event in Battlefield 3! The new dates are May 23-27, with a total runing time of 96 hours. See details below.

What: Double XP event
Servers: All Ranked servers
Maps and modes: All maps and modes
Players: All platforms, open to all players
Click this link to see local start times. See you on the Battlefield!

Comments (524)

Who thinks we should have a doulbe xp week once every month give me a hooah!!!
Still waiting on dat multiplayer fottage of BF4.
They should extend the time as a apology
"Hooah" this if you want to see a BF4 multiplayer gameplay and so we can get it in the top, so DICE and EA can see.
Hooah! for no reason.
DICE should extend the double xp time as a apology for the server problems!
We should get DOUBLE XP every DAY until BF4 realeases! HOOAH IF YOU AGREE!
How about free month for all server admins ? I will join all my server on XP Blackout cus last month i can t get what i pay for.
Face it, everyone B$%ches and moans but will buy the next game without thinking about it. Even with minor bugs, this is still the best FPS ever made. so stop whining and join KNG so that I can shoot you! lol keep it real guys
What about double time of proper work to put in the PC version next time ?
Who cares? Show us BF4 multiplayer video!
Give me a Hoah! if you just took the sweetest morning dump!
How about some BF4 multiplayer videos instead? ):
- Insert witty comment here - Btw what is up with the lag lately? It's unbearable.
Fuck my exams.
Great......Double XP when I'll be out of town on a mini vaca. Thanks hackers!
Шо то хуйня - шо это хуйня. Это обе такие хуйни, што ебал я его маму в рот
No one cares about your boring events.
Nice... during the examinations! EA wants me to fail :/
Double XP for slowpokes
Finally, and this time I hope Anonymous won't take double xp from US !
I think they should give dual 2XP, or dual x96 instead, because of the waiting we have..
Instead of DoubleXP fix your servers, still having connection issues and high latency since your fake "DDoS" attack.
Awesome! Super excited to play some rounds with my buddies. (:
Nice just in the middle of my exams thank you! -_-
Still no fix for the server issues? No explanation? This is terrible...
Oh yeah <3

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