Prepare 4 Multiplayer

Battlefield fans will soon get their first look at Battlefield 4 multiplayer! Starting June 10th, DICE will be showing off live Battlefield 4 multiplayer demos at E3.

First, DICE will reveal Battlefield 4′s multiplayer on June 10th, 1:00 PM PDT during “The Download”, EA’s 2013 preview. Learn about what’s new, what’s improved, and what to expect from the next generation of the leading online multiplayer shooter.

Starting on June 11th, we’ll be featuring live streaming multiplayer footage from the showroom floor of E3. Over these three days you’ll be able to tune in to live unscripted multiplayer footage, DICE developer insights, and interviews with community.

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Finally, GOODBYE to the work, GOODBYE the school and GOODBYE to my social life.
Two seater jets, please...
How about you finish what you started and get rid off all the faults in Battlefield 3 first?
Prepare 4 Complaining
We better hear "We're giving squad VOIP to PC players in BF4". If not, BF4 auto fail.
I want Offline bots like BF2!!! or Offline Training with bots in a big map please do it DICE :D
Yeeeaaahhh.... Still not buying the game... Seems like a lot of people aren't... 5 battlelog friends out of 71 have pre-ordered BF4.... Not looking very good DICE.... Maybe you should fix one game before moving on to the next... And release a freakin' public SDK already... This ridiculous notion that the modding community is dead or that a public SDK will open the game up for all kinds of hacks is just that, ridiculous... Hacks existed even during the beta, and public mapmakers means less money for you from expansion pack sales... Give your customers what they want, what they paid for... Or you'll lose them... It already looks like you've lost a ton according to Battlelog...
Finally, it's about time.
EA/Dice - please pay attention. Your own poll says that almost 3 out of 4 people plan to play this game on PC (granted, I understand that most voters are probably PC users because we have to use battlelog to launch the game) The PC gaming community (and console players too, look at Halo 4. Console players can make maps there.) would love to have an SDK and improve this game. As much as we love to pay for maps, and as great as we think your mapmakers are, we would like to make our own maps. And skins. And sprites. You get the idea. If you had done this with BF3, then you would have a much better idea of where players want to go with this series. I just had a good idea. Post a poll asking if Battlelog users would like to have a development kit made available. Some responses could be: 1. Yes, I would love that 2. I don't know what a development kit is for 3. I have no interest in a development kit I bet you would be surprised how many people would like to have one.
my body is ready
If you showed some effort in fixing bf3 I would show some excitement in bf4.
Battlefield 4 MP FTW
kids kids kids, calm down. Its just a video game you know.
Before you release Battlefield 4, how about you actually fix all the Battlefield 3 glitches first? Oh yea and while you're at it how about you fix every single other game you've made that's still buggy.
Well if you can manage to fix the issues BF3 had for MP you will have one kick ass game. Right now all the network issues are driving me mad and if they continue over to BF4 I see no point in buying it.
..........I like brownies
I hope Battlefield 4 will be a full version, not a 2 year lasting beta like BF 3...
Prepare 4 eSport or fuck u BF4!
Oh yea, multiplayer Yea
About bloody time Dice!
Don't let me down.
real action, yeah
Awesome! I can't wait.
Why don't you try fixing your broken game first
Hopefully better Controller support for the pc..................... instead of using keyboard and mouse...

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