PC game server providers for Battlefield 4

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Below is the initial list of game server providers on PC that we will work with for Battlefield 4 during the Beta and launch of the game. We believe that these proven RSP’s will be able to offer global coverage of game servers.

Battlefield 4 game server providers
Trinity Games

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Hooah! for DRAGON DOG TAGS in BF4 > http://puu.sh/4uNvd.jpg
Hooah! for no reason.
Hooah all the people that PRE ORDERED BATTLEFIELD 4 like me!
Please Give servers In Pakistan and India and Srilanka. We kept crying whole 2 years yet got no servers for BF3. We deserve our own servers so we can play at low pings. All people in subcontinent give Hoah!
Are there any middle east servers for BF4?!!!
dino modeeeeeeeeeeeee
hooas on this comment without reason :)
no gamingdeluxe- what a fucking disgrace
Shove your BETA and you're new game unless you give us the choice we currently have for server providers.
Thanks to EA, the smooth transition of our BF3 community to a BF4 community, has just turned into a mad scramble to find a new server provider. We currently run 4 bf3 servers on a dedicated server, with gaming deluxe. We have a system. That system is now in the bin, and we have to spend the next month working out how to transition our bf3 players into our bf4 community without just dumping the lot of them when bf4 starts. we were gonna keep a bf3 server going on the dedicated server alongside the new bf4 servers to allow time for all our community to make the switch. That's us thinking ahead. maybe EA could do some of that.
And why isnt Gaming Deluxe on the list? Come one! With the new ranked pricing and the more expensive prices for dedicated machines, you will see lots of clans dropping BF4!
BETA cant wait!!!
I think the only game that can compete with BF4 is GTA V :D
"getting cloder"???
I direct this comment at the EA/DICE Team; What is your Company thinking, Are we now being Forced, Yes I said Forced into Renting a Game Server from this List? I understand that your Team looks for Global Coverage, but what about Game Server Providers that do not have the large Multinational Server base, is it Fair Business to exclude them and only go with the Large Companies? I and the Community say NO, I base this from reading the posts here and in Battlelog, IGN and other gaming communities. My Clan has been with Rackage now since the release of Battlefield BC 2 and have had nothing short of Fantastic Service and a Great working relationship, So WE the Battlefield Community Ask Your Team at EA/DICE to Broaden the Gaming Server Rental Companies to include All, and I think the Community will be very Thankful !
Hooah! for DRAGON DOG TAGS in BF4 > http://puu.sh/4uNvd.jpg
bf3 has been having massive network lag for me. Its not my wifi because I used a Ethernet cable. all my other games seem to be working fine im joining servers in my country so why is it lagging. I have fine fps too. hope this problem is not in bf4 and if you have had any problems in the past week with bf3 servers please comment on this post saying so! Thanks :D
Why the hell is Gaming Deluxe not on this list?? They have half the total servers in the UK. How can this be possible? It makes no sense whatsoever. If DICE are serious about providing a good platform for games would they not choose the most popular server providers that give the players the best service?? I am seriously disappointed. I know for a fact I am not the only one who thinks this way. Get your act together DICE and listen to what the players truly want. That is reliable servers which provide fast customer service which actually keeps your game running in the first place!
And A shitty admins :D
Can't say we did not warn you.... http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2955065670062463960/last/
Clans prefer to pick and choose a server company as we have done for the past 10 damn years!!! Branzone is the best server company, best support that we have found! Our servers have been ranked #1 and we have a huge fan base! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU EA??????
It's too bad EA and DICE don't listen to their customers. Oh well, Branzone will host another type of game and we'll still have a good server.
Well, aside from the obvious move that some GSPs paid EA for some exclusivity, I cannot think of any other reason EA (or Dice) would trim long time providers who have a track record for being top tier (BRANZONE comes to mind). Yes, I am almost sure that this is a bad business decision for the Battlefield brand. Limit the providers and you are going to cause a poor gaming experience, which means less people to purchase expansions and more people to speak negatively about the brand. Remember, its the fans that helped build the brand. We are speaking, all you have to do is listen.
Where the hell is Gaming Deluxe??? They host half the servers in the UK for crying out loud. This is just crazy. What are you guys at DICE doing????
Wooo first
xbox one
GREAT BIG LIST to choose from. NOT! Ughhhhh.. Rocketblast??? ForTeam?? NEVER heard of either, yet a huge UK provider like GamingDeluxe isn't on here? This makes me so angry! What special things did they do to get on here? Shopping for a new GSP is such a pain and you have to go by trial and error- which results in starting all over with new servers/new IP if the host you chose isn't up to your standards of service and support. Which can kill your server. How are these FEW hosts going to handle ALL of the servers? I just don't get it?! Unless they plan on doing some mass hiring of support, I just don't see how this is a good thing for anyone.

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