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Prezentacja plutonu

This application for Generals platoon is to invite only the best from the battlefield to one squad for pure domination so if you think you qualify let one of our squad administrators test you on the battlefield to see if you qualify for the team thanks!
(Only looking for guy's who can shoot the shit and still get the job done!)

-No man left behind
-Promote everyone you play with no bashing
-It does not matter the race respect your team player's
-Play as a team and you will never be frowned upon
-Play the objective
-Use your class for the purpose of it
-Boost moral in the platoon
-Leader's train your team make them better their is always room for improvement no one's perfect except the lord himself and your not him so accept it.
-Get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one runs this team you're the leaders welcome General's

If anyone is interested in the General's platoon message one of our leader's in the game to explain your feeling's about joining us and we will try you on the battlefield for further examination for joining us other then that we're a respectable squad with a buncha good guy's who enjoy battlefield and are always looking for better platoon member's to make the game of battlefield more enjoyable so good luck and hope to see ya out there!

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